August 30, 2019 1 min read

Band of Climbers Map of the best climbs of the Dolomites and Northern Italy

Italy is a land so beautifully packed with cycling climbs of all descriptions. Short, steep climbs pack the Lombardy region while the Dolomites and the wider Northern Alpine regions are filled with rocky passes and stunning climbs.

This map shows the summit locations of many of the finest climbs of the Dolomites and Northern Italy.  Those icons shown with our circular logo are our personal favourites or the typically most popular climbs of the region, and climbs everyone should ride at least once.

We created this map to help you plan your own rides, routes and adventures. Some notes, this is by no means an exhaustive map of every climb in the region. Frankly, there are far too many to list. Many of these we have ridden, but there are several we haven't personally ridden ourselves.

Feel free to let us know which climbs we're missing in the comments below. Enjoy the route planning. 

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