August 08, 2018

Introducing Caffeine & Cols Cycling Coffee

If you've followed us on social media for a while, you might have noticed we live by a simple mantra. Drink Coffee. Ride Bikes. Climb Hills. On one of our hilly rides back in the Spring, while enjoying an Espresso at the local cafe, we had a brainwave. Why don't we make our own coffee? One that's inspired by our favourite climbs, and strong enough to power us up them.

So we got to work

We went around all of our favourite cafes, drank all of our favourite blends of coffee, and bought many other brands of coffee from the web, to see what we liked and what we didn't about the current coffee market. To us, coffee needs to be strong but subtle, packed with caffeine, and able to support our attempts on the Cols of Europe.

Finally, armed with our new knowledge of what we wanted, we searched for a specialist importer, blender and roaster of premium coffees. And eventually, we found one, in our very own native North East England. So we got to work, and quickly realised these guys knew their stuff. Our coffee roaster has been importing and blending coffee in the UK since 1750. So what they don't know about coffee isn't worth knowing.

After many hours of testing, sampling and refining the balance of flavour, caffeine and taste we were ready. But we needed a name. One that would inspire us. We looked at our best-selling Caffeine and Cols apparel, and knew that was it. After all, the coffee is designed to do two things. Give us a caffeine hit and support an assault on some cols (or climbs).

The Caffeine & Cols Coffee Strength Guide

So here we are. We're launching with three flavours. Each one is 100% Arabica Coffee, freshly roasted no more than 10 miles from us, and foil sealed to lock in freshness. Each coffee is available in whole bean and ground grind options, and available for worldwide shipping. In time we will add new flavours and also bring out a flavour of the month. So watch this space.
If you've read this far, thank you, you surely deserve an Hors Categorie strength coffee right now.


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