December 17, 2020

The Band of Climbers Elevation Club. Join a global community of riders who love to climb, to push themselves to ride higher, steeper and further across all terrains. Earn rewards called metres, and the more metres you gain, the more the rewards you'll unlock.

Sign up to the Elevation Club and you'll earn metres for completing certain tasks such as placing an order, referring a friend to the club, or for sharing posts on social media. 

The more metres you gain, the more rewards you'll unlock, like exclusive discounts, first access to new products, events, group rides, BoC Escapes, and the chance to become a Band of Climbers Ambassador.

We'll be adding more and more ways to gain metres as our club grows, and you can expect the rewards to get bigger and better too. Sign up now and get 250 metres to start your ascent.