About us

Band of Climbers is a small design collective. When we're not riding our bikes in the typically cold, wet and windy North of England, we're doing one of two things.

1. Reading about tales of suffering from the old days of cycling, racing in the mountains, or the classics.

2. Designing cycling prints, gifts or apparel all inspired by the greatest rides and climbs of the world.
We've been designing and printing cycling art and apparel since 2015, and we've sold thousands of our designs around the world in that time, to other fellow sufferers.
Our inspiration comes from the tales of old, but also from our own rides over the hills around us or the Cols of Europe, our road races, CX races, and even our deepest, darkest winter commutes. Suffering isn't reserved solely for the pave of Roubaix after all.
We're a small team, but we're growing quickly with ambitious plans. If you think you can help us in any way, we always to chat over a coffee. Email us at hello@bandofclimbers.