About us


Band of Climbers exists to inspire others to ride their bikes in the mountains and hills around us. We're a small design collective based in North East England. More than anything, we love riding our bikes in the Alps, Dolomites, Pyrenees and other mountain ranges of the world, and want others to experience our love of climbing high.



Hors Catégorie Apparel. We design cycling apparel that is specifically designed to support cycling in the high mountains. Technical, lightweight and versatility are just some of the core foundations of our apparel. We know first hand how the weather can change quickly, from sun, to rain, to snow, and back again.






Our journey began back in 2015. Founder Stuart Anderson, who had turned to cycling many years previously to lose weight, decided to combine his passion for cycling, design, and branding. Founding Band of Climbers in his spare time, he began producing cycling prints inspired by his rides in the mountains and hills of Europe, and his home in North East England.

The brand quickly grew thanks to a growing Instagram community. Riders from across the world would share their stories of climbing, cycling in the mountains, and the tales of their rides.

Now, we're a team of three. With three warehouse moves in 18 months due to rapid growth, customers in over 80 countries, and a social media following of over 130k riders from every corner of the globe, we're on an upward journey, and we'd love to take you with us.

We're 100% independent, we have no banks, investors or suits to keep happy. We exclusively produce apparel that we would wear ourselves on our rides. If it can't be worn at 2770m on the highest Col in Europe, we won't produce it.




For us, riding, and climbing is about the experience. It's not always about speed, power, data or going faster. It's about sharing the journey, taking in the views, and taking our bodies, legs and lungs to places that push our boundaries.  

Climbing hurts, let's be honest. It doesn't matter if you're a 55kg pro rider or a 120kg newcomer to the sport. Climbing is suffering, we just do it in different ways. So, when you can't breathe, when your legs are screaming, and you want to quit, just know that we're all in this together.

We've all been there, many times. We're right there with you to will you onto the summit. Together we Climb.