Counterfeit Goods

We have been made aware that there are counterfeit Band of Climbers products being sold on certain websites. How do we know they are counterfeit? Because the only place you can buy Band of Climbers products is from our website, or very select partners.

Whilst imitation is the finest form of flattery (apparently) we take great pride in the products we produce. The idea of someone stealing our designs, and selling them as their own is something we take very seriously. Even worse, is other people selling FAKE Band of Climbers products.

We are a small business, completely self funded, without investors, banks or venture capitalists. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to create the products we do, so we're upset, annoyed and frustrated that fake BoC products are being sold, and even more frustrated that people are buying them. Ok, they're cheaper than our own products, but that's because the quality is shit. Sorry, but it is. We bought some. And it's very shit. The fabrics are shit, the trim level is shit, the fit is awful, and selling and buying fake shit is a shitty thing to do. It hurts small businesses, funds illegal operations oversees, and is completely immoral. 

If you believe you have accidentally bought some some fake or counterfeit Band of Climbers products, please let us know so we can take appropriate action against those sellers. Email with details of your purchase. 

If you think you've spotted some fake Band of Climbers products online, please let us know. Take a screenshot or send us a link to the website so we can try and shut them down. Email

If you're happy to buy fake Band of Climbers products, well, that's a shit thing to do. Obviously, we won't honour any warranty claims, crash replacements, free returns or any of the other usual excellent customer service stuff that goes on behind the scenes here. You're part of the problem and we want no part of it. 

As you might have gathered by reading this, we're frustrated that someone else is faking our products and selling them. Apologies for the bad language but it hurts us in many ways. 

To clarify, the ONLY place you can buy Band of Climbers products is from our website, or very select online partners worldwide. We do not currently sell through any retail partners, stores or stockists. So if you're buying our products online, do it through please. If you're in any doubt and want to check it's our product, email and we'll confirm for you.

Thanks for your support. 

Team BoC