We will update this page regularly with any changes to our operations, shipping times internationally, or other factors which you, our customers need to be informed of.

As of March 23rd the UK is effectively in lockdown. All non essential high street shops are closed, and strict restrictions are in place for leaving the home.

Band of Climbers continues to operate our warehouse, so online orders are still being shipped as normal across the UK and Globally.

We have not currently heard of any delays to shipping times to any countries. 


We have taken every measure to allow us to do this safely, for the good of our small team, our families, and our customers. We're a team of 3. We're not a large business, we have no investors or banks to keep happy, so this means we're flexible and we can react quickly in these scenarios.

In times like this, we really appreciate the support of our customers. We know we have tough times ahead, like many, but we are stable and will continue to release our new product ranges over the coming months. Our priority is the health and wellbeing of our team, our families, friends and our customers.

We have taken steps to protect us all, such as home working, and alternating team members in the office and warehouse to reduce contact time, and reducing the number of days we ship orders. Usually, we ship orders every weekday. For now, we will ship orders 3 days per week, reducing our time in our warehouse to minimise social contact.


We will also operate our warehouse with 1 person, further reducing contact with others. Of course, we're also following all the health and safety guidelines with regard to social distancing and hygiene. We have also made a small change to the way we process orders on our website. This only affects our customers outside the UK.

You may see a slightly different checkout, payment and shipping option when you purchase. We have changed our international shipping carriers in order to best serve oversees customers during this time, and this change reflects that.


All non essential activities of our business have been put on hold, such as photoshoots, outdoor product testing, external meetings and supplier visits. Our warehouse continues to ship orders, staffed and managed by 1 person, in total isolation.

We will rotate our team to do this, with the others working from home. We will each cycle into our warehouse, giving us our daily dose of exercise too, and importantly, following all government guidelines and terms.


A final thank you, for your ongoing support for our brand. All we have ever tried to do is inspire people to ride their bikes, climb hills and mountains, and whilst many of us cannot do that right now, we will still be here to provide all the inspiration you need for when this is all over.

Together We Climb

Team BoC