May 03, 2020

How much climbing can you pack into a 100km ride, from your home, without using the same road twice?

Whilst we've been sitting at home during lockdown, we got thinking, what is the most amount of elevation we can pack into a 100km ride, from our front door, without using the same road twice? We looked at our favourite routes on Strava and made a list of our favourite climbs, and got to work.

We then thought this would be a great way to motivate ourselves to ride some hilly routes together when lockdown ends. 


We want to see your routes. How much elevation can you pack into a 100km ride without overlapping? Send us your routes, and we'll select 5 entries at random who will win our new Pro Ascent Jerseys of your choice.

Reminder, there are no prizes for having the most amount of elevation. This is about giving you a challenging route to ride, and making it fair for everyone from Colombia to Quebec.

Even better, if you're in the UK, we'll select one route at random to come and ride with you after lockdown (and when it's safe) and give you a full Band of Climbers kit to ride with.


1. The route must start and finish from the same location. We suggest your home, or place of work. You cannot drive or transport yourself to another location to start the route.

2. The route must not use the same road twice. The route cannot overlap at any point (in either direction) and must not criss-cross, and you cannot ride up and down the same side of a climb.

3. We're looking for paved roads only. No Gravel or off road sections.

4. The route must be a maximum of 100km. The route can be less, but must not exceed 100km (62.13 miles) Again, it must start and finish in the same place.

Our Attempt

Here's one of our attempts, from BoC Chief Rouleur Stuart. We're sure you can do better. Get the route here:

This Competition is now closed. Winners will be announced on Monday 13th July via our social media chanels.

To enter, head to your favourite route planner online, such as Strava, Ride With GPS etc and plot your route, following the rules above. Then complete the form below to submit your entry.

We'll select 5 lucky jersey winners from across the world, plus 1 UK winner at random from the entries, by the end of June 2020. Winners will be contacted by email. 

Terms and Conditions

All entries must adhere to the rules above. By entering you allow Band of Climbers to contact you. By entering you also permit Band of Climbers to publically share your route on our social media channels.