May 08, 2021

Join Band of Climbers this summer for one of the toughest group rides you'll ever do. Why are they tough? Because every ride will pack in a MINIMUM of 2200m of elevation (7217ft), with as many steep climbs as we can find.

This summer, we're going on a small UK tour. We're going to run up to 8 completely free group rides for our customers and followers. It's a chance for us to meet and ride with you, and show off some of the best and toughest climbs in the UK. 



What makes the routes tough? Well, the climbing, of course. We're going to make sure EVERY group ride will have a MINIMUM of 2200m of elevation (7217ft), some will have 3000m (Over 10,000ft) and we're going to keep the distance of the rides as short as possible, so that these rides are all about the climbs, and the constant ups and downs.


When we say short, we mean around 100km per ride, (62 miles). We think this is the perfect distance to pack in 2200m of elevation, and eliminate lots of flat riding, so there's minimal recovery between the climbs. Some routes will be less than 100km, some will be slightly longer, but every route will be hard.


All of our rides will be completely free to enter. We will be limiting numbers to around 50 riders per event, and you will need to register in advance to book your free place. Subject to Covid rules, we may split each ride into groups of 15, with a member of the BoC team leading each smaller group.


We will be announcing the locations of the group rides soon. Due to the nature of the events, we can only run these rides where there are enough climbs to pack in at least 2200m. So Lincolnshire, we're not coming to you this time, or pretty much most of Eastern England. Sorry, but there's not enough hills for this tour.


All rides will be self supported, so bring your usual tools etc. There will be at least 1 Band of Climbers appointed group/ride leader in each group to keep things together, and we will share the Strava Routes with you before the ride to keep you on track. 


These rides are social rides, and are not a race. If you want to test yourself on each climb and go full gas, feel free, however these will be no drop rides, and we'll regroup on all the main climbs to keep the groups together.


As a thank you for completing any of the rides, you'll take away a free goodie bag containing Band of Climbers merch, and some gifts kindly offered by our partners. A Band of Climbers pop up stand will also appear at the finish, giving you the chance to take a look, and purchase our apparel if you choose to. 

Complete the ride in any of our BoC Apparel, and you'll get an extra special goodie bag too.


We'll be revealing the locations, routes and the details for signing up very soon. We expect places for these rides will be snapped up FAST, so be quick when we release them.