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VeloSkin Daily Sports Moisturiser 150ml

Veloskin Daily Sports Moisturiser - 150ml

VeloSkin sports moisturiser for cyclists is your perfect riding partner. We all love the outdoors and spending our time riding roads new and familiar, but cyclings effect on your skin can be greater than we realise.

Do you really need a special moisturiser for cyclists?

Were all aware of the damage that sunburn does to our skin, but what we often ignore is the smaller, less dramatic impact that constant exposure to cold, wind and rain can also have. Exposure to the elements creates dried-out skin that feels tight or even sore, with skin dehydrated from cycling also performing less well. Nobody spends more time outdoors than a dedicated cyclist, so it makes sense to have a product that targets our specific requirements.

The solution is a fast, non-greasy moisturiser that has been specifically formulated with bike riders in mind. That way you can hydrate your skin, even when youre doing loads of hours out on the roadallowing your skin to work at its best at all times. Apply it before and after going riding. You can use it on your rest days as well, as its light enough to be used as a daily use moisturiser.

Whats in the pot?

VeloSkins sports moisturiser for cyclists uses a blend of natural ingredients that work together to instantly hydrate dry and tight skin, leaving your face supple, smooth and looking healthy. Its rich in shea butter to soothe, vitamin E to infuse moisture and a fresh and uplifting natural scent, which we think is good enough to wear daily.

Like all VeloSkin products, weve done our testing on cyclists, not animals, and youll find no parabens, just moisturising goodness packed with active oils and butters.

Of course, its not just for cyclistsany outdoor athlete will benefit from using this sports moisturiser.

No parabens. Just the goodness packed with active oils and butters. Including:

  • Coconut oilPrevents ageing of the skin due to its ability to protect from UV Rays and environmental pollution.
  • Sweet almond oilAn essential oil packed with Vitamin E, fatty acids and proteins to feed your skin.
  • Cocoa butterBursting with healthy, fatty acids to add a protective layer of hydration.
  • Raspberry seed oilLoaded with Vitamin E and providing a natural sun defence to protect and repair.
  • Shea butterLuxurious and bursting with Vitamin A to nourish and hydrate tight skin
  • Zinc OxideA soothing and calming mineral which provides an effective natural protection from UV light.
  • Orange blossom oilDeeply hydrating and an amazingly fresh scent.
  • Bergamot oilAn essential oil providing a natural citrus scent, as well stimulating the skin.

Size - 150ml

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