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July 13, 2020

Winners of the Band of Climbers 100km Challenge are announced.

Back in May, during a dark and depressing Lockdown across most of the world, Band of Climbers launched our 100km challenge. A route planning/riding challenge that asked you to plot a route or ride with a maximum distance of 100km. The challenge was to pack in as much elevation into the route as you could, without the route overlapping itself, crossing over, repeating the same roads, or doubling back on itself.

After receiving hundreds of entrants from Birmingham to Brunei, we're pleased to announce the winners below. 4 winners were chosen completely at random and will each receive a Band of Climbers Pro Ascent Jersey, and 1 UK winner has won a full Band of Climbers kit, and a promise that we'll come and ride that route with them as soon as it's possible.... hint.... the route looks absolutely brutal too.

Rule Breakers 

Firstly, remember this challenge had rules, so if your submitted route went over 100km, or it broke any of the criss crossing rules, then we had to discount the entry in fairness to all the entrants. Around 10% of the entries we had broke at least one of the rules.... Whilst we love the fact that a ride you had done was 180km and had 5321m of elevation, it broke our rules for this particular challenge.

Also, it's worth remembering that this was never a competition to see who could get the most elevation. This was a challenge for yourself only, no prizes are or were awarded based on having the most amount of climbing.


Winner Number 1

Amandine O. submitted a 98km route in the Valais region of Switerland east of Sion with over 2500m of elevation. A typically alpine route, the course is defined by two large climbs.



Winner Number 2

Matthew T. submitted a typically lumpy UK route from the North West, packed with shorter, sharper climbs than many of those across Europe. Those short sharp climbs can wear the legs down far quicker than steady alpine gradients.

Winner Number 3

Mihaly submitted this route from the north of Budapest into the Duna-Ipoly National Park in Hungary, with two main climbs either side of some shorter, sharper climbs. 

Winner Number 4

Another UK entry, this time from the Scottish Borders, with a route heading south to the beautiful region around Innerleithen, from Chris F. 



UK Winner Number 5 - Full Kit and Ride with BoC

We're not sure how to feel about winner number 5's route. Somehow he's managed to cram in over 3000m of elevation into a 100km ride in the UK. Something we didn't think would be possible. But Mark has gone and done it. Living to the west of Sheffield certainly seems to be the defining factor here, with several enteries in this area all going over 2500m.

Mark, congratulations, you've won a full BoC kit of your choice, plus an invite to ride the route with us once all lockdown rules have ended and it's safe for all of us.

Just take a look at the route. We're excited and terrified all at the same time!