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Five friends, a beach, some beers, marshmallows, bikes, and our new favourite thing, the Band of Climbers Fire Pit. An end of season gathering between 5 friends. 

Since Band of Climbers began, we've always wanted to inspire people to ride more, ride higher, and explore the mountains or local climbs, to test the body and the legs. This has brought us many new friendships and new experiences, and we're really honoured to have inspired so many people in some way, large or small. 

Every now and again, we get an email out of the blue from a customer or follower of our social media, offering us support in some way. In late October we got an email from Fraser from Strathclyde Marine Fabrications in Scotland, asking if he could produce our very own Band of Climbers Fire Pit. Fraser explained he was a fan of our brand and our design work, and would love the chance to design something for us.

Of course, we said yes. A few weeks later, and as the weather dropped a few degrees in temperature, a large parcel arrived in our warehouse. It was super heavy, really well packaged, and we were blown away with what Fraser had produced. 

A completely custom made Fire Pit, complete with Band of Climbers Logo, and two of the most iconic climbs cut into the walls of the steel pit - Alpe d'Huez and Mont Ventoux. Fraser had even taken the 21 switchbacks of our Alpe d'Huez Print and Plasma Cut them into the steel. When the fire burns through the designs, it looks incredible, and of course, it's super warm, perfect for a cold night by the North Sea in Tynemouth, North East England.

We figured a night on the beach, celebrating the end of the season would be the perfect way to test our new pit. So we headed down with our Scott Addict Gravel Bikes, some beers, massive marshmallows, and enjoyed a roaring fire. Here's a few images taken by our friend and photographer Chris Auld



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Dean Madden
Dean Madden

February 08, 2020

Immense fire pit

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